DCC SC1 Signal Controller

DCC SC1 Signal Controller


For customers who are looking to control their signals from their DCC system this DCC signal controller is just the job. Designed and built to adhere to NMRA standards and fully configurable using configuration variables (CV’s), this controller offers a host of features to include: • Compatible with all major manufacturers command stations • Automatic address allocation feature • Controls 4x Two Aspect Signals • Controls 2x Three or Four Aspect Signals • Controls 2x Three Aspect Signals with Feather • Controls signals with multiple feathers • Controls Searchlight Signals • SPAD signals and level crossing features • Controls up to 8 Dapol semaphore signals with the addition of a small “add on” board • Spare ports can be used to control lighting and offers a large array of special effects including MARS light, flickering oil lamp, flashing light, single and double strobe and more. • Each output can be adjusted for brightness • A support forum has been set up to help with any questions you may have. The controller is fully compatible with all major DCC command stations and easily integrates into JMRI and Railroad & Co. train control systems and now supports extended accessory protocol.



    VAT Reg No. GB 246 2591 00

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