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Geometric bodies

A geometric body is the set of all points, straight lines and planes of three-dimensional space that lie within a completely enclosed part of this space - do my assignment for me . The sum of the surface areas of the bounding surfaces forms the surface area, the completely enclosed space the volume of the body.

If the bodies are bounded by plane surfaces, they are called plane-surfaced bodies, polyhedra or polyhedra.

These bodies include prisms (e.g. also cubes and cuboids), pyramids and truncated pyramids. If the plane boundary surfaces are congruent n-corners to each other, we speak of regular polyhedra - do my math homework . Tetrahedron, octahedron, hexahedron, icosahedron and pentagon dodecahedron are five regular polyhedra or platonic solids.

Stretches of the body where two side surfaces meet are called edges. Curvilinear bodies that do not have edges include the sphere and the ellipsoid - do my statistics homework . A body is called convex if each two points of the body also have their connecting line to the body, otherwise the body is concave.

Projection types

A projection is a mapping of space onto one or more planes (image planes). If the straight lines through the points of the spatial image and through the corresponding image points are parallel to each other, this is called a parallel projection. If the straight lines through the points and corresponding image points all intersect at one point, it is a central projection.

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