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How to make exclusive video gifts for the New Year

I want to share with you the ideas that came to me the other day at about four in the morning, when I was thinking about the fact that New Year is coming soon, we need gifts, a lot has already been, we need to come up with something new and so on. Besides, I have many friends who live in other countries, which means that not any gift can be sent, and even more so on time. And then suddenly I got a life-saving idea - to make video presents. From my own experience, I know that even a simple slide show with pictures for birthday presents is always a joyful and touching experience. Everyone has video cameras, computers and photos nowadays, so it remains to understand WHAT and HOW to do it. Итак, что же это за идеи? I decided to stay with three options for possible video gifts.

Now more similar. What is a video clip? It's your congratulatory monologue filmed under certain conditions. If you have experience using and a video camera, it's the most affordable video gift that won't take long to create. In addition, it can't be compared to a paper card. The recipient will see your eyes and hear your voice! And if you add a New Year frame or vignette and corresponding music as a background, the festive mood is guaranteed.

A music video is easy to make and you can even do without a camera and filming, although the version with them can be a little bit cooler. A music video is a short piece of screen work, in which the role of background music is leading, that is, all frames or photos should be mounted to the music, reflecting its rhythm and fit the meaning, if the song with words is used. Additional expressive means in a clip can be titles and special effects, but they must be appropriate.

If you have already accumulated a lot of footage from travel or family holidays, children's matinees and other celebrations, you can make a film. Or if you have a camera and an idea to make a special film for the New Year. How to come up with ideas I'll tell you a little later.

Everything starts with a thought, that is, you need to think and formulate the main idea you want to convey to the recipient and the emotions you want to evoke. It's clear that since we are talking about Christmas gifts, you will say that you want to congratulate and evoke joy. That's right, but to come up with an idea, you need to be specific, because you can congratulate in different ways, and emotionally you can also make them laugh, and add lyrics, or even erotic, depending on whom we are going to make happy with our outstanding video gift. Here we got to the point, where we should start, we need to define who is going to be our recipient.


Algorithm of actions to create a video card

Determine the concrete addressee and the emotions you want to get from him.

To write a congratulations scene plan (possibly the entire congratulation text, if necessary)

Based on the text think about a suitable setting for the shooting and the image.

Find a suitable location for the shooting in reality, to remove or add something for atmosphere.

Prepare the equipment and cameraman (or yourself as a cameraman).

Get the right composition and shoot.

Do minimal or multi-layered editing.

Post on and send the link to the text obtained from the video to the recipient on time.

Hear a sea of delight and be rightfully proud of yourself throughout the New Year!

The algorithm of actions for creating a video clip will differ in some points.

Algorithm of actions to make a video clip from photos

Determine the specific recipient and the emotion we want to get from him or her.

Find a song that fits the idea, that is, under item one. Or several songs, if you build a scripted basis from the individual couplets. This is a more dynamic version, allowing you to play and rhythms and emotions.

Based on the sound selected, pick up the number of photos, the more varied in perspective and magnitude, the better. For the music basis, say, three minutes, you need about 30-40 pictures, but it certainly depends on the tempo of the music, to a slow melody plans should be longer, for fast, respectively, shorter.

Make the montage. In this variant it will take much more time, though there is, of course, an economy in the absence of the shooting process.

Post it on a video hosting site and send the link in time to the recipient.

Hear a sea of raptures and be rightly proud of yourself throughout the New Year!

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