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And if he’s struggling with math problems, don’t let him think he’s not smart. It’s important that your resume, profile, and interview tell a story of your skills, but also of you as a person who would be a great addition to a workplace. How can you show hiring companies that you have the background and skills necessary to get the job done, but also that you have a cooperative personality or the ability to think creatively? By framing each equation as a challenge that he can overcome with a bit of elbow grease, he’ll be able to apply that attitude to the real-world problems of college life.

Make Critical Thinking Fun

Just like self-control, critical thinking needs to be fun if it’s going to resonate with your child. To think critically means being able to evaluate information, decide whether it’s right or wrong, and be open minded when considering alternative solutions, according to the Foundation for Critical Thinking. This skill is what’s going to make it possible for your child to formulate her own opinions and back them up with solid information.

There are five ways you can create a good thinker:

Let her know it’s ok to be confused. You can do this by asking for explanations for yourself in your conversations together.

Ask her how she knows certain information, which will show her that fact checking is important.

Make connections to relevant information by linking in pertinent topics.

Encourage her to be logical by questioning how she came to her conclusions. This helps show how elements of an idea fit together.

Promote empathetic thinking by asking how other people might be affected by your child’s thoughts or actions. Of course, you should highlight what background makes you most qualified for a position, but unusual combinations could make you stand out. If you’re a programmer with a communications background, play up how well you can explain your work to those outside the field. If you’re in media or research, show how background in a scientific or technological field has honed your skills or allows you to better interact with relevant sources.

In the end, it’s important to remember that your child is going to develop at his own pace. It might be a bit faster or slower than others’, but in the end, intelligence is about more than IQ. It’s about being able to relate to the world, and these tricks will help make sure those skills are more refined by the time college rolls around.

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