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Stonecrop (Sedum).

These small, drought-tolerant plants are essential for any succulent garden. They can be spread quickly over soil, creating a beautiful under-layer for taller plants or spreading between succulents that are vertically oriented.

Stonecrop comes in over 300 colors, so you can mix and match them with rocks, art and other plants. These plants are very hardy and require lots of sun to thrive, making them a great addition to your pool area.

Tip for Caring for Your Plants

  • USDA Growing Areas:Zones 3-9

  • Sun Exposure Full-to-half-sun

  • Soil Needs: Any soil.

Hosta (Hosta).

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Hostas can be used in shady areas around your pool. They have thick, beautiful leaves that vary in color and variety depending on their type. They are a great addition to any garden, as they can withstand freezing temperatures and still have a tropical feel.

They like damp places and, although deer and slugs love them, they can survive in any environment. In summer, beautiful purple flowers emerge from the leaves.

Tip for Caring for Your Plants

  • USDA Growing Areas: Zones 3-9

  • Sun Exposure Part Shade to Full Shade

  • Soil: Rich potting soil.

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Foxtail Agave (Agave Attenuata).

Agave is a desert variety. Some varieties can be hardy and spiky. This is not what you want around a swimming pool. So, look for soft-leaved varieties. Attenuata agave is a circular-shaped plant with soft, flexible leaves. It also has beautiful light green colors that will look great in a succulent or cactus garden.

Tip for Caring for Your Plants

  • USDA Growing Areas: 7-11.

  • Light: Full Sun (can take part-sun).

  • Soil needs: Light and well-draining.

Staghorn Fern (Platycerium bifurcatum)

Although staghorns don't like direct sunlight, they can take a lot of indirect light. They love moisture and would do well hanging from a basket or on a wall near a pool.

Staghorn Ferns are able to absorb nutrients through their long, frond-like fronds. They need to be soaked at the roots and misted. However, it is worth it for their beauty. In Hawaii, this plant is considered to be invasive.

Tip for Caring for Your Plants

  • USDA Growing Areas:Zones 9, 13

  • Sun Exposure: Bright indirect sunlight.

  • Soil needs: Mounted to a board with soil.

Geranium (Pelargonium).

The sun-loving, hardy geraniums make a great choice for large pots on a deck or wall with hanging pots.

The large, brightly colored, long-lasting blooms add a splash of color to your pool area. When not in bloom, the subtly patterned dark green leaves look great on their own.

There are many varieties of climbing geraniums.

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