OO Gauge 3 Aspect Distant Signal Head (Y/G/Y)

OO Gauge 3 Aspect Distant Signal Head (Y/G/Y)


A OO Gauge 3 Aspect Distant Signal head showing YELLOW, GREEN and YELLOW aspects. The signal head is made out of finely etched brass components and features high performance surface mount LEDS. Fully finished and painted in matt grey with black signal face plate. The signal head is provided with 30cm extra fine single core insulated copper wires to enable easy installation on your gantries, bridges etc. A removeable mounting stub is provided plus a horizontal rear mounting point giving numerous options for fitting. Provided with resistors fitted for 12v DC working.

Note: Image shows Home configuration.


Choice of optional Route Indicators are available from the drop-down menu. If multiple RIs are required please select from the Route Indicator menu and add the required signal. We will then build the RI onto the signal.