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A busy month for CRS.

New Website!

The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed we have a new website. This is something that has been in our thoughts for quite some time, and something we have been working on quietly for a couple of months now. It seems to have gone down well with all of you, but as always constructive criticism is welcome.

142's Have Arrived.

Class 142's have arrived and we've managed to create sound versions. Here's a link to YouTube to see one in action. We've added lots of pictures to our facebook page too, so feel free to go have a look at those.

Warlord Games.

We're happy to announce that we're now stocking a range of wargames, namely the Bolt Action World War Two range and Cruel Seas naval wargare game. We've brought in a range of products, including starter sets for both games,

Z Gauge Signals. After customer requests we began working on a range of Z Gauge signals, using scaled down versions of our N Gauge signal etc and 3D printed heads. These have been challenging to produce, but we're happy with the end results and we've added them all to the new website for sale. Let us know what you think to them.

CRS Pin-Splitters.

The CRS team has joined a local Ten-pin Bowling League at Rotherham Superbowl under the team name CRS Pin-Splitters. It's been a shakey start for us, and nobody know's what to expect from one game to the next. Will it be a high score of 181, or somewhat embarassing low scores where we hit the gutter more often than pins. But we're enjoying finding out each week, and that's what really matters.

CRS Pin-Splitters latest game. A mixed bag, but we also managed a win which denied our opponents top spot in the league.

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