OO Gauge 2 Aspect Twin Platform Signal

OO Gauge 2 Aspect Twin Platform Signal

SKU: SO16-22P

A OO gauge Twin Junction Signal offering red and green aspects, finished in matt black with grey metalwork. The signal is complete with a finely etched brass ladder, work platform and safety cage and is ready to wire into your layout. Resistors are provided to run the signal from a 12v DC supply. The signal height to the base of the platform is 40mm and the overall width between aspects is 25mm. The signal can be built in any number of different combinations / aspects so please e-mail info@crsignals.com with your requirements if you want something different.


If multiple RIs are required please select from the Route Indicator menu and add the required signal. We will then build the RI onto the signal.



    VAT Reg No. GB 246 2591 00

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